Berkshire Shire Hall 11 – 9 Aldermaston

A dominant Shire Hall scrum saved the day against a much improved Aldermaston side.

An overcast September day was the backdrop for Shire Hall’s second game of the 16-17 season. The Sonning outfit took solace from their performance in the opening game defeat to Wheatley, and were keen to continue playing with the same commitment and intensity.
Shire Hall continued to feature new faces in the side to run out against Aldermaston. Sampling the BCSC turf for the first time were Luke, Dave and Oli who joined over the summer.

A few minutes after kick off, first blood was drawn when Shire Hall gave away a penalty within kicking range. The metronomic strike of the Aldermaston kicker found its mark and the visitors went ahead 0-3.

For the first 20 minutes, Shire Hall struggled to find the rhythm and composure that they had played with the previous weekend. Passes weren’t quite going to hand and silly infractions were being committed. On the plus side, the scrum was functioning very well and was a continual source of good front-foot ball. When Shire Hall managed to break the line they looked dangerous and Chris Walker was denied an early try by some great Aldermaston on-the-line defending.

The visitors hit back with another penalty following a foray into Shire Hall territory. 0-6, and was reflective of the pressure Aldermaston had put on the home side.

A break, down the right hand side almost put Shire Hall winger Chris Merrick over for a score but the ball was disrupted over the line by the Aldermaston defence. A few minutes later in a very similar manoeuvre Chris Merrick passed inside to the rampaging Lenny Pitt, coming off the opposite wing to dot down for the game’s opening try. Unconverted, it put the score at 5-6.

A 3rd Aldermaston penalty just before the end of the first half set the scores at 5-9. It had been a frustrating half for Shire Hall – there had been chances, but breaks had been closed off efficiently by the quick and nimble Aldermaston back 3 and covering tacklers.
The second half started to swing in Shire Hall’s favour as the intensity came back. Newcomer Oli Homan-Green was only just kept at bay as he came up an inch short of the Aldermaston whitewash. Rhys Stewart kicked a Shire Hall penalty to bring the home side within a point. 8-9.

The half was marred by a couple of injuries, indiscipline, and a yellow card for Shire Hall’s ‘Chopper’ Alex. Shire Hall’s ever-passionate sidelines supporter and ex-captain Sam Watkins was on the receiving end of the referee’s retribution and Sam’s big mouth got Shire Hall marched back 20 metres.

The game looked like it was going to be played out to a disappointingly close loss. But with a minute to go on the clock, a scrum was awarded to Aldermaston deep in their own 22. Everything was against the Shire Hall pack – down to 7 men and against the head. With a mighty push, the Aldermaston 8 were marched backwards and Shire hall awarded a penalty. Rhys Stewart stepped up, and with the last kick of the game slotted the 3 points the steal the game at its death.

The final score… Berkshire Shire Hall – 11, Aldermaston – 9.

MOTM – David Lloyd-Williams
DOTD – Sam Watkins

Selection for Saturday 17th September vs Aldermaston (Home) (VP Lunch)

Opposition: Aldermaston
Competition: League
Venue: Home – VP’s Games – Post Match Social
Kick Off: 3:00pm
Meet Time at the Club: 1:45pm (players that arrive later than the meet time will be asked to donate £5 to our tour fund)
Dress: Number 1’s
Item: A Club Tie

  1. Eric Murray
  2. Jack Proctor
  3. Matt Margot – ©
  4. Mike Jerstice
  5. Andy Carson
  6. Ollie Homan-Green
  7. Hamish Rosser
  8. David Holmes
  1. Dave Tridgell
  2. Rhys Thomas
  3. Chris Merrick
  4. Stef Margot
  5. Chris Walker
  6. Lenny Pitt
  7. Alex Webb
  1. Neil Evans
  2. Geoff O’Brien
  3. David Lloyd-Williams
  4. Alex Morris
  5. Pat McGuigan
  6. Luke Jellicoe
  7. Rhys Stewart

Peter Ringrow 1950 – 2016


Peter joined Reading RFC for a short time after school in the early 70s (Stoneham – whose old boys typically raise a boxing day side) but soon realised that there was more fun to be had with his mates across the road at Shire.
Paddy played back row to start with and it is rumoured that Richie McCaw learnt how to get away with being offside from Paddy.  In time he migrated to the front row.Peter had worked for Shire for many years as treasurer and vice chairman before taking on work with the County as treasurer and eventually the County President.  A great honour for him & Shire.  He also worked on the County disciplinary committee and on a Counties finance committee at the RFU.He leaves his wife Marilyn and 3 grown up children, Anna, Holly and Oliver.

A founder member and generous sponsor of Shire Hall VPs, his contribution and humour over many years will be greatly missed around the club.

As current players  in order to move forward we need to recollect where we have come from, those who have blazed the trail before us so we have the opportunities we have now – Paddy absolutely fits this description.
There is a collection for a club bench for Paddy. It would be really great if we can donate some money to – even £5 if you can spare it – it is important to have some representation from the current playing squad please.
Peter’s funeral will be held on Thursday 23 June at St Michael’s Church, Tilehurst at 2.00pm.

scan0002-1VP lunch 1 dec07 135

Club AGM & Ladies’ Night 2016

Two important dates for your diaries!

FRIDAY 20th MAY                           Annual Club AGM 7.30 @ The Club

SATURDAY 21st MAY                   Ladies’ Night 7.30 @ The Club

Please support both events – after all, it is your club!!


Kicking Cup 2016


A record turn out of 23 players competed for the Annual Shire Hall Kicking Cup. Sadly last year’s winner, DLW, was unable to defend his title but it was going to be interesting to see if anyone could land kicks especially after the somewhat dismal showing throughout the season of our kicking prowess.

After round one, many fell by the wayside including former winners Chris Walker and Geraint Thomas (how he won we’ll never know!). We saw interesting impressions from Pat McGuigan with his Jonny Wilkinson approach and Chris Merrick who went for the Owen Farrell focus. To no avail as both failed to make it past round one. Mention must made of Mike Jerstice’s kicking style – his follow through after contact with the ball was longer than he runs in a normal game!

The only players to make it through were Rhys Stewart, Hamish Rosser, Harry Russell, Stephane Margot and representing the forwards, Chris Harber and Mike Jerstice. Making them attempt kicks from nearly 40 metres was a bit harsh and obviously outside their range.

So we moved on to drop kicks – always a source of amusement, especially given the service of pass given to the kickers! Only Rhys and Stephane made it through and so it was a shoot out. Who would hold their nerve ? After a few attempts, Stephane landed his but the DSCN7748pressure got to Rhys!

Therefore this year’s winner is : STEPHANE MARGOT

Selection for Saturday 16th April vs Faringdon (Away)

Opposition: Faringdon RFC (SN7 7AQ)
Competition: League
Venue: Away
Kick Off: 3:00pm
Meet Time at the Club: 12:30pm (players that arrive later than the meet time will be asked to donate £5 to our tour fund)
Meet Direct: 1:45pm
Dress : No1s
Carried Item: A pass for yourself (and lady friend) for the end of season dinner aka Ladies Night (21st May)

  1. Eric Murray
  2. Jack Proctor
  3. Matt Margot
  4. Andre Carson
  5. Chris Harber
  6. Hamish Rosser
  7. Richard Clarke
  8.  DLW ©
  9. Pat McGuigan
  10. Dave Tridgell
  11. Kieran Jenkins
  12. Matt Rowlandson
  13. Chris Walker
  14. Alex Webb
  15. Stephane Margot
  16. Neil Evans
  17. Tom Birch
  18. Tim Holmes
  19. Luke Barefoot
  20. Rhys Stewart
  21. Chris Merrick

Kicking Cup – Tuesday 19th April


Kicking Cup – Tuesday 19th April @ 7pm

Can you do better than coach Tim ?
Can captain DLW retain his title ?
Can Neil pose a threat ?
8 tries against Aldermaston, 4 different kickers, no successes!

Prove your worth by attending the Annual Shire Hall Kicking Cup !!


Selection for Saturday 19th March vs Aldermaston (Away)

Opposition: Aldermaston RFC
Competition: League
Venue: Away (RG7 4PR)
Kick Off: 2:30
Meet Time at the Club: 12:30pm (players that arrive later than the meet time will be asked to donate £5 to our tour fund)
Meet Direct: 1:15pm
Dress : No1s

1. Eric Murray
2. Jack Proctor
3. Matt Margot
4. Mike Jerstice
5. Chris Harber
6. Alex Morris
7. Tim Holmes
8. David Lloyd-Williams ©

9. Dave Tridgell
10. Tim O’Sullivan
11. Lenny Pitt
12. Alex Webb
13. Rich Clarke
14. Kieran Jenkins
15. Stef Margot

16. Geoff O’Brien
17. Hamish Rosser
18. Tom Birch
19. Neil Evans
20. Matt Rowlandson
21. Chris Merrick
22. Rhys Stewart
23. Aaron Walters

Remaining Fixtures

The remaining fixtures for the club this season are:

Saturday 19th March                         Aldermaston (Away)
Saturday 2nd April                              Oxford (Home)
Saturday 16th April                             Faringdon (Away)
Saturday 23rd April                             Keith Walker Memorial Match

These play off matches are important and league points do count.

Selection for Saturday 5th March vs Phoenix (Away)

Opposition: Phoenix RFC
Competition: League
Venue: Away (SL6 0NS)
Kick Off: 2:30
Meet Time at the Club: 12:45pm (players that arrive later than the meet time will be asked to donate £5 to our tour fund)
Meet Direct: 1:15pm
Dress : No1s

  1. Eric Murray
  2. Jack Proctor
  3.  Matt Margot
  4. Andrew Carson
  5. Chris Harber
  6. Hamish Rosser
  7. Richard Clarke
  8. David Lloyd-Williams ©
  9. Aaron Walters
  10. Dave Tridgell
  11. Rhys Stewart
  12.  Chris Walker
  13. Harry Russell
  14.  Alex Webb
  15.  Stef Margot
    16.Geoff O’Brien
    17.Alex Morris
    18.Lenny Pit
    19.Neil Evans
    20.Will Doe